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Collab Asia is the premiere MCN for YouTubers that brings global content onto Chinese video platforms. We have direct partnerships with most major Chinese video and social media platforms.

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Our partnerships help select creators unlock CPM monetization, cash awards, brand deals and exclusive licensing agreements with premiere platforms.  Many international creators have found their videos reuploaded on Chinese platforms already, sometimes gathering millions of views.  

We can help you remove the bootlegs, and also set up a verified official account that can monetize.This is an opportunity for creators to earn extra money from the videos they’ve already produced with minimal effort on their part.  In some cases creators earn more in China then they do on their original accounts.

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We are most interested in creators who have a proven track record on YouTube or Facebook, ideally producing videos weekly with a large library of videos already released.

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- Additional source of income
- Free localization service
- Popularity in new market
- Expertise in China
- Brand deals & license deals

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- Knowledge Sharing : Educational, DIY, Tutorials, advice, etc
- Music and Dance
- Food and Pet
- Anything UNIQUE


We send a monthly report and wire you your earnings every month.We work on a rev share basis.  We don’t earn money unless you earn money, therefore we limit our service to creators who have the highest chance of success.  Please click the link below to submit your information.

Collab Asia will audit your channel to assess its suitability for China distribution.   If your channel is a good match for China distribution, Collab Asia will handle all the localisation and channel management on Chinese platforms. We will build up your channel and help you find brand deals and licensing deals in China.


Patty Cake

YouTube Logo
- 366K subscribers

China Subscribers

Bilibili Logo
- 644k
Douyin Logo
- 76k
Weibo Logo
- 155k
Little red book logo
- 139k

Popular US theatrical production channel on YouTube connected with Collab Asia after finding their videos has gone viral on bilibili from an unauthorized upload.   With Collab Asia’s help they accumulated more fans in China in four months than they had in four years on YouTube. Collab Asia has helped Pattycake license their original song “Tough Love” for a popular new years program and they’ve recently launched a patron fundraising page on the Chinese platform Afdian.com and an online store on Taobao for their merch.

Motivational Doc

YouTube Logo
- 4.4 Million subscribers

China Subscribers

Bilibili Logo
- 1.0 Million

Dr. Mandell, a Florida based chiropractor has been sharing health and wellness tips on YouTube for over 10 years, but he had no idea that fans were sharing his videos in China until Collab Asia informed him that one of his videos had received 1.5m views in just a day.  In six short months, the Motivational Doc was able to surpass 1 million subscribers on bilibili, making him one of the top creators in health and fitness on the entire platform


YouTube Logo
- 2.2 Million subscribers

China Subscribers

Bilibili Logo
- 1.6 Million
Douyin Logo
- 2.6 Million
Little red book logo
- 443k

This Korean Acapella group has been working with Collab Asia since 2018, and Collab China brought them intoChina in 2021. In 4 months, their popular adaptations of TV and game theme music has propelled them over 1m fans on both bilibil and Douyin.  This has led to a number of partnerships with China game publishers through Collab Asia’s Mainland brand team.

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