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From the beverages you enjoy; to the shows you watch; to the apps you use; to the clothes you wear: We’ve created some of the most memorable and impactful campaigns. Here are some.


Spreading Buzz Globally, East to West

We get a lot of press for our team's successful campaigns

Warner Music

When Pop superstar Dua Lipa wanted help amplifying her new release "Physical", we knew the perfect influencer to do it. Brother and sister YouTube sensations Ranz & Niana created a dance cover for the song and released it across all their social channels. In just four days they reached over 5M views.


TikTok asked us to hype up their new #MeNowChallenge, which asked users to compare themselves "now versus then". 23 of our best TikTokers across Asia took up the challenge and generated over 1M views, spurring additional influencers to take up the challenge as well.

EA Games

The large American publisher wanted to boost sales of their new game APEX Legends. 21 of our Korean gaming influencers released videos playing the game for the first time. The campaign generated over 2M views.


Nike's back to school gear was about to launch, and we knew just how to help them pump up their new line. We asked 6 of our U.S creators to sport their back to school clothes. This proved to be impactful with 4M views and nearly a 60% engagement rate.

Check Out Some of Our Other Works

BBC News

BBC wanted to create a piece showing how Chinese citizens were handling the changes wrought by COVID-19. Collab Asia partnered with Chinese video platform ErgengTV in creating the webseries "Our Coronavirus Diary", which followed the daily lives of several individuals in China during that time.


When iconic American toy and IP company Hasbro released a new product line for one of its biggest brands NERF,  Collab Asia called upon educational YouTuber Genki Labo to create a video of him testing out the toy.

Coca Cola

To activate buzz for Coke's new bottle, we engaged app to participate in a dance challenge featuring the new design. Using the hashtag #ShareACoke, the campaign reached an astonishing 650m views.


Popular dating app Tinder wanted to expand its reach in Indonesia by spreading joy through stories of past users. Collab created the campaign #VictoryTinder where we asked participants to give heart warming shout outs about their experience with Tinder, encouraging others to give the app a try. The campaign hit 1M views.

Client Driven

Check out what some of our clients and partners have said about us.


Head of Global Business, 72Seconds TV

"Collab Asia has produced outstanding results for our YouTube Digital Rights Management (DRM) and is a valued partner both for content management as well as our distribution activities."


Senior Producer/Group Leader, ADK Emotions

"Collab Asia is doing an excellent job strengthening our content monetization, influencer marketing and digital rights management strategy. Their global team is instrumental in growing our anime IP and brands’ digital presence across all of Southeast Asia."


Founder of Sankei Digital

"Collab Asia provides insight and analysis that we did not think of and continues to give us new proposals. So even as a division of Japan's largest media conglomerate, we learn a lot from Collab Asia as they help expand our sports content from traditional to digital media."


Manager, Sublime Artist Agency

"Collab Asia are the Digital Rights Management experts! They helped us protect the copyrights of Kpop star Rain’s songs on YouTube and other social media platforms across Asia, while also helping us analyze why they went viral."


Korea, 457K YouTube subscribers

"I’ve been working with Collab Asia since 2014, and what I can definitely say is that they respect the creator’s opinions and always act as a reliable business partner who is strategic and transparent in everything! Sometimes even similar to a mom, friend or counselor, they’ve helped me grow my channel. I constantly look forward to what our partnership can bring."


Japan, 1.39 M YouTube Subscribers

"Collab Asia always helps me out with rights management, and I am able to focus my energy on creating new content for my viewers."


Philippines, 1.1million TikTok Followers

"Since I was chosen to be part of this growing network, all I can say is that they helped me a lot with editing my content, fixing my copyrights, and they have been giving me helpful knowledge on YouTube. Collab Asia will give you the service you deserve and they’ll help creators like me to grow."


Indonesia, 11.9 million TikTok Followers

“I can definitely feel a difference in my talent since joining Collab Asia. I’ve learned so many new things, and I feel more confident in myself as a creator. Everyone at Collab Asia is very humble, like family. I just want to say thank you to them and I wish them a successful future.”

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