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In the time of a pandemic, you’re probably working at a coffee shop, or at home, or anywhere in the world. And even if most of us are now working remotely, it’s still possible to be overwhelmed and eventually experience burnout.  This is why it is so important to find a new creative hobby. Whether you’re considering picking up a new musical instrument or discovering your potential in painting, embarking on a new creative hobby can be beneficial to relieve stress and reduce cognitive decline. It reignites your creativity which is a great way to have fun and avoid burnout.

In this article, six creatives from Collab Asia share their creative hobbies outside their work. Hobbies that don't have to do anything with their day jobs but things that simply spark their passion and authenticity as artists. They share why we should all make time for the things that can just simply bring us joy and calmness. Hobbies that don't pressure us to be the best and instead just help us to express ourselves creatively without even trying so hard.

Here are the stories of these six creatives from Collab Asia.

Special thanks to Albert, Camy, J.I., Jiayi, Marina and Henry for sharing their stories.

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