Growing by Overcoming Fears

Get to know how our creatives grow by overcoming their fears.

5 creatives, 5 stories and their daily resolve.

What do you think of when you hear the word creativity? Maybe colours, an image, maybe a shape. In what kind of medium? Let's say a film, magazine, or a song. Now let's look at the people; actors, musicians, in a word, celebrities. These are the people at the forefront of the creative industry. But some work behind the scenes like video editors, motion graphic artists, art directors, graphic designers, product developers, and more. These are the same people from the same industry. These are creatives.

So, what kind of people are they? Like many others, they come from all different backgrounds and ethnicities, but it is how they see the world that sets them apart. They are not as important as doctors or scientists, but without them, the world would be a dull, colourless, emotionless grey desert that just won’t be fun to live in. But did you know that more than 90% of these creatives are introverts? Many of them had to learn to become more extroverted just to be accepted, sometimes even by their relatives and peers.

These are unique people with their daily challenges. We too have these creatives in Collab Asia. In their world, there is constant improvement, one small step every day to master their craft. So we asked five creatives from our company to be vulnerable and to share their worst fear as creatives, how to overcome them, how it affects their daily lives and how they make sure they can keep continuing to grow.

Why talk about fear? Why not just grow? Sometimes jumping straight into things without a strategy is not the ideal way of doing things. It's the first step towards growth. The first step of being honest with oneself, understanding their shortcomings, and finding out the things one needs to do to prevent that fear from becoming a reality. You can constantly see online others saying, "Know your customer." We say, "Know yourself first."

Here are the stories of these five creatives from Collab Asia.

A heartfelt thanks to Albert, Camy, Jiayi, and Lydia for sharing and for making this happen.


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