Meet Our Japanese Creator, Ryoko Nakajima.

Life on WheelsMeet Our Japanese Creator, Ryoko Nakajima. Often live streaming from Tokyo, Ryoko Nakajima and her YouTube channel, 中嶋涼子の車椅子ですがなにか!?

Any Problems? bring us a close-up view of her life in a wheelchair. Ryoko, who was paralyzed from the waist down after a childhood illness, has never let her wheels stop her from doing what she loves. She is passionate about sharing barrier-free content and taking you on a journey to learn about everyday issues that wheelchair users face in Japan.

Ryoko embraces and shares her life story through YouTube, social networks, and regular TV appearances. She creates open conversations and funny stories that welcome all communities.

We support creators from all areas and 中嶋涼子の車椅子ですがなにか!? Any Problems? is that rising influencer we should all listen to.We are proud to have Ryoko be part of our diverse network of creators!

Check out her channel here:

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