Serial entrepreneur Allen Lee on why it’s dangerous to highlight one-in-a-million founder stories

Allen Lee, Collab Asia's Co-Founder and COO, shares his journey from investment banking to entrepreneurship, experience with failure, and thoughts on successfully doing business in Asia.

Raised in the US with a strong Asian bond, Korean-American entrepreneur Allen Lee started listening to K-pop even before it was called K-pop. “Living in the overlap between the US and Asia” has been a dream, he told Oasis.

Lee lived a well-established life as an investment banker early in his career, first in New York City and later in Los Angeles. While being an investment banker is a comfortable job, Lee wanted to make a more meaningful impact by founding his own company.

After quitting the banking system during the global financial crisis in 2008, and failing on his first startup, Lee, together with co-founder Eugene Choi, launched Collab Asia as a spin-off from US-based Collab Inc. Over the years, the startup has grown into an international content distribution and marketing firm covering South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and other markets in the region.

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