YouTube Trending: What & Why?

What does the "trending tab" on YouTube mean for content creators?

The Trending tab on YouTube

(renamed ‘Explore’ on the app as of March 2020) has inspired much fascination, reverse-engineering, and myth amongst creators and industry professionals since its inception in 2015. As an at least partly curated list of videos from YouTube, Trending has been seen by thousands of creators (regardless of the size of their existing following) as a source of fans and a ticket to superstardom, and that in turn has spawned a multitude of theories, ‘best practices’, and experiments on how to be featured on it. Using my personal experience, YouTube’s recommendations, and data from the Collab Asia network, I want to answer the following questions:

  • How does the Trending tab actually work?
  • What impact does it have to be featured on the Trending Tab?
  • Should you try to be featured on Trending Tab, and if so, how?

Check out full article here.

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